Friday, December 11, 2009


Wanted to blog and tell you all about the wonderful face-painting course i attended.

It was a two day course in london , day one was face painting , day 2 advanced face painting.

We first leant how to apply a base ( no more dipping the sponge in the water bowl) using a water spray to get the paint consistency.

Next we blended with a sponge, an leant how to use the brush  to get the effects we wanted.

then I painted a tiger.

After lunch  I painted a butterfly with glitter.

Day two.

drag blending with a brush or sponge, we practiced  on our arms and then on each other.
once again plenty of glitter.

In the afternoon we did a monster!, it was very difficult but it was good to put to use all the skills we had learnt in the past 2 days.