Friday, November 13, 2009

Teampixies Halloween

Halloween is over for another year, but the blood and gore keeps selling ,its almost Halloween all year round at pixiedust.
This year we even had time to get dressed up and decorate our house to scare all the local children.
The problem was we where to good and they where to scared and would not come down the drive to collect their sweets.

We made it simple this year just a real coffin with spooky music playing , and large human skull on top of the coffin ( not real) . fake grave stones in the garden ( we do live opposite the cemetery) , lots of fog from the smoke machine.

Then my lovely hubby and I dressed as Victorian ghosts, Hubby in black suit top hat, me in a long skirt and Victorian style top and Shaw.

Hubby stood next to the coffin , and I sat in a large wooden arm chair , neither of us moved until the children arrived.

We a had a light show on the front of the house with a witch, pumpkin and spiders web.

Plus lots of pumpkins and gourds that we had grown.

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