Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Face Test

I had to paint 3 faces and used my poor hubby as a model. He was very good and kept very still ( I promised not to use glitter ) .

The first face was a Dalmatian dog  my new wolfle black looked wonderful.
The second face was a tiger, this went very well and my model even gave a roar for the photo.
The last face was a sunset and a palm tree, I dislike this  design but I think it looked ok.
The faces had to be painted in 10 minutes and painted in a mask, the edges had to be neat, and the colours well blended.
The pictures then go of to the committee and hopefully I will pass.
While talking to my examiner we where discussing using different products and the subject of allergies came up. She said its best when face painting to use if possible only one brand because if you mix brands and someone has a reaction you could never prove which brand that caused it. I know it would be difficult to practise but it was a interesting thought.
Keeping my fingers crossed I passed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Alice in wonderland carnival make up

Had a wonderful  weekend painting the purple rubies carnival club as the charters from alice in wonderland.
The purple rubies are a great group of teenagers ( including my daughter) that have formed their own carnival group.
I used my new wolfle face paints and was not disappointed by the bright  colours and the ease in which it was applied.


Friday, June 18, 2010

New products

I like to keep up to date with new products and product reviews , so today I logged onto mehron’s website and Wow. It was just like being a kid in a sweet shop.
First there was the mike Ried brush set, and it went straight to the top of my wish list, but as I scrolled down I saw the new Prisma BlendSet Palette.
I love my Wolfe rainbow cakes but mehron have taken it a step further and made a complete set of cakes ranging from bright rainbow colours to shades of black.
The last thing I loved was mehron adgem a safe, LATEX-FREE adhesive to use for all body decorations.
I will be stocking all the above items as soon as I can them shipped over.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wolfe has arrived

It was like Christmas day today in pixiedust as our first shipment of wolfe face paints arrived, lots of boxes to unwrap and wonderful colours and new products to try. I will be adding more information about the products as I unpack themJ
First out of the box was a wolfe rainbow cake, I have brought the essential and the neon cakes, great colours perfect for face painting.

If you want to see how to use rainbow cakes click n the links below to see some great your tube videos.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mehron Paradise Makeup

Mehron Paradise Makeup is a semi-soft; water activated moist cake makeup created by Mehron.  This Great product is available in 26 dynamic  colours in 40g tubs, great for body and face painting.
·        water activated.
·        Body Painters and Face Painters love the ease of application and the ability to fully control the depth of the colours.
·        The larger 1.4 oz size of Paradise Makeup AQ available here is great for Professional Applications or larger Body Painting and Face Painting Events.
·        Mehron manufactures Paradise Makeup AQ with a colour consistency unsurpassed in the world of body makeup

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pro Face No Sweat

With the sun shinning I thought it was a good time to blog about pro sweat.
Pro face no sweat is a skin prep used  to help  excessive perspiration which allows your make up to last longer in the hot weather  .
Quick Steps to Using Pro Sweat
  1. Make sure your skin or application area is clean and free from adhesive, oil and dirt.
  2. Apply a generous amount of  Pro face no Sweat on to a cotton ball and dab the cotton ball on your application area.
Once the Pro Face dries (Note: Do not touch your skin with your fingers to feel, look in a mirror to discern drying ) apply make up / face paints as normal.
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