Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Face Test

I had to paint 3 faces and used my poor hubby as a model. He was very good and kept very still ( I promised not to use glitter ) .

The first face was a Dalmatian dog  my new wolfle black looked wonderful.
The second face was a tiger, this went very well and my model even gave a roar for the photo.
The last face was a sunset and a palm tree, I dislike this  design but I think it looked ok.
The faces had to be painted in 10 minutes and painted in a mask, the edges had to be neat, and the colours well blended.
The pictures then go of to the committee and hopefully I will pass.
While talking to my examiner we where discussing using different products and the subject of allergies came up. She said its best when face painting to use if possible only one brand because if you mix brands and someone has a reaction you could never prove which brand that caused it. I know it would be difficult to practise but it was a interesting thought.
Keeping my fingers crossed I passed.

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