Tuesday, April 27, 2010

College competition

Its been almost a year since i left college and today i was tidying up some photos and found a photos taken at the college competition  The competition theme was narnia and we all spent alot of time using latex to make pieces for our charters.
The  photo below is of a old hag which was placed first. I hope to add more photos as i find them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kick ass

After hearing all the great reviews about the movie “kick ass” we went last night to see it.

The film was rated 15 but was very violent and I spent some of the film peering through my hands, my 15 year old daughter was also squirming in her seat and looking away when it just got to much.

Dave Lizewski is a geek who wonders why no one has ever tried to become a costumed superhero before. As his friend Marty explains, “Because they would get their asses kicked.”

The pros are Hit-Girl and Big Daddy an adorable father-daughter duo who go out for ice cream by day and render criminals into slaughtered remains at night. The two storylines converge as mafia boss Frank D’Amico puts out a bounty on the superheroes that are hurting his business .

I liked the film and will be stocking up on purple hit girl wigs , but not sure if anyone will make the costumes for this film.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scarecrow Fangs Fitting Instructions

Scarecrow Fangs Fitting Instructions
Easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to get the best fit for your Scarecrow Vampire Fangs

1.A) MIX:
Pour powder from one capsule into the deep side of the carry case, by gently twisting the capsule ends apart. Remove bottle lid, snap off tip and dispense 7 drops (for Shredders use 14 drops )onto the powder. Pick up the case in your hand and tilt slightly. Stir with the stick provided for 10-15 seconds until the mixture is uniform and just pasty while keeping the material in a glob at the lower edge of the tilted case as not to waste any.

2.B) FIT:
Scoop the glob of material into one fang, applying it onto the front and back as evenly as possible rather than just filling up he cavity in the fang. Gently push the fang all the way up onto your tooth, attempting to locate the best position in one motion. Do not wiggle, adjust or reposition the fang after you push it all the way up or it will not set correctly. Leave it on for 5 minutes so it can harden, but do not remove it yet, and don't work on the next fang until 5 minutes has passed so that you don't accidentally loosen it before it sets up. With the first fang in place, position the next fang in a mirror. Position this fang relative to the first so that it has a similar angle and looks natural. After you practiced putting it on accurately, follow steps A and B again.

These fangs fit tight! If you like how they look after you finish customizing, leave them on. When you are ready to take them off, gently push your lower teeth forward against the back side of the fang tips until you hear a slight click. Then wiggle and pull gently with your fingers until they loosen up. it may take a minute the first time you remove them, they are meant to fit tight. Your fangs will now clip on and off easily. If desired, trim off the excess material that shows on the front of the fangs with a nail clipper or scissors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

False Eye Lashes

Need help with false eye lashes.
I have just watched xsparkles you tube video on how to apply false lashes.
It’s a great tutorial and well worth watching
Team pixie has over 100 different eyelashes in stock.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Alice in wonderland.

Alice in wonderland.

After seeing Tim Burtons Alice in wonderland film, I have decided the best thing about the film is the way it has inspired and touched so many with its wonderful achievable make up and costumes.

About 2 weeks ago the British Costume association held its annual trade show up in stoneleigh, the costumes that where on show their where beautiful, from simple but detailed alice dresses to wonderful hatter costumes, and lots of affordable hatter hats with hair!
we will be ordering some of these and be adding them to our hire range soon.
But the make up in the film was amazing and so inspiring , made you want to rush home and get out your make up brushes. 
I came home and became one of the queens nobles. 

Joanna Peters just went as mad as a hatter and within a few days she created so many wonderful charters including

The knave of heats ( great use of Rigid  collodion)

A Rose 

A knob head

A cheshire cat ( glow in the dark mehron fx would be great for this make up)

If you have been inspired by this film I would love to see what you have created.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Kryolan TV Paint StickLots of new poducts arrived today at teampixie including   Kryolan Tv paint Sticks. they come in a amazing 120 shades, so far I have just added 4 shades to stock, but please if you want a shade I don't keep please ask and we can order it in for you.