Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kick ass

After hearing all the great reviews about the movie “kick ass” we went last night to see it.

The film was rated 15 but was very violent and I spent some of the film peering through my hands, my 15 year old daughter was also squirming in her seat and looking away when it just got to much.

Dave Lizewski is a geek who wonders why no one has ever tried to become a costumed superhero before. As his friend Marty explains, “Because they would get their asses kicked.”

The pros are Hit-Girl and Big Daddy an adorable father-daughter duo who go out for ice cream by day and render criminals into slaughtered remains at night. The two storylines converge as mafia boss Frank D’Amico puts out a bounty on the superheroes that are hurting his business .

I liked the film and will be stocking up on purple hit girl wigs , but not sure if anyone will make the costumes for this film.

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