Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to make it look like you have cut of your finger.

Roll the wax into a sausage and then join the ends to make a ring of wax. Press the ring of wax into position; making sure the skin is clean and dry.

Using a tiny bit of moisturiser on your fingertip (enough to stop the wax sticking to your finger and no more) blend the outside edges of the ring of wax, you should not be too precise as slightly rough edges look more realistic. 
Give the wound a jagged edge, and with the bruise wheel add the bruising. 

Don’t forget to add bruising to the other fingers and nails on the hand. 

Add a bit of cotton wool to the center of the wound blood .

Add blood to the center of the wound .

With the wounded finger bent hold a few sheets of tissue paper to cover the rest of the finger. 
Simple but effective look!
Products Used.
Mehron bruise wheel 
kryolan Blood
mehron Syn wax

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