Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpky - Delilahween Series

Pumpky - Delilahween Series  

I am not sure how she finds time to make such wonderful videos night after night. but between them Tsunimee and  joannadelilah   amaze me .

Products used,
Kryolan rubber bald cap, Mehron spirit gum, Kryolan eyebrow plastic ( in stock but not yet on the web site) snazaroo face paints, Kryolan translucent powder


1 comment:

  1. All masks of Delilahween are just fantastic. And Pumpky inspired me to make my own freak show for Halloween 2010

    Maybe you want to see?

    I plan for Halloween 2011 a sequal. I have already a lot of ideas.

    I really would like to do also an octopus, but this video is unfortunately not available in my country via YouTube :-(

    Best wishes and for a feedback I would be very glad. Well, I am a bit proud of my pics/masks, because I am a layman and never thought, that I can do it. And above all that it brought so much fun ...

    Ok, enough to adulation myself ... big smile

    Marion from Berlin