Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Having a Tim Burton day today.

Having a Tim Burton day today ( got totally sidetracked) .

It started with adjusting the amount of corpse bride wigs in stock.

Then I got side tracked ( very easy done ) looked at the website for the new Alice in wonderland film


The film looks amazing wonderful make up, and effects.

Spent far to long looking around the site. Added the release date in the diary March 5th 2010.

Then I went a little mad and ordered lots of Alice related products.

White rabbit masks , make up, tights, hats costumes etc just about anything I could think of including a large rubber pig ( the queen of hearts has one).

I  love my job as it never know what each day will bring.

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  1. Hey hun thanks for following my blog! LOve ur profile pic!! u should enter my harajuku contest you seem so creative!! :) xxx