Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mehron Detailz

Mehrons Detailz
Detailz is a great product from mehron, it’s a water base makeup line. Created to form perfect dots and intricate designs it has a fine point applicator tip.
Detaliz comes in a variety of colours, and washes off with soap and water

It is a surprisingly flexible product that can be used as an every day eyeliner or a fantastic and intricate body paint.

Detailz will definitively add that extra touch in a design and the tip is so fine that intricate and detailed work is a pleasure to do.

You can purchse Delailz online at or if you live in the Bristol area you are more than welcome to collect in person .

Price £4.50 cheaper than some most eyeliners out there!!

Mehron Makeup Artist concentrates on the Detailz, liquid detailing makeup.

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