Monday, February 7, 2011

ben nye cream stack up

If you travel a lot or only have limited storage available, stackableBen Nye cream makeup will be an essential addition to your makeup kit. No matter which color you choose or however many you purchase, each Ben Nye cream stack up container will screw into another - giving you a simple and neat transportation & storage solution.

Review on the ben nye color stack ups on make up ally.
“One of the most inexpensive and versatile products in the market. These creme colors are around $2.50-$4 each and you really only need the primaries: black, white, red, blue, yellow. It does pretty much everything as foundation/lipstick/eye shadow/eye liner. Having this product got me though a lot of beauty buy urges, like orange lipstick or dark purple lipstick (yes I'll probably use those two products once in my life). Instead of buying those, I just simply mixed some Ben Nye colors together and used it on my lips. I staying power is much better than regular lipstick too. Since they are soo pigmented, they also look better though they are a little drying so bring out the aquafore “

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