Friday, February 11, 2011



SHREK THE MUSICAL tells the story of a swamp-dwelling orge who goes on a life-changing adventure. The cast includes Brian d'Arcy James. as Shrek, Sutton Foster, as Princess Fiona, Christopher Sieber, as Lord Farquaad, Daniel Breaker. as Donkey and John Tartaglia, as Pinocchio.
Mehron , Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, developed a color just for Shrek Fans,Ogre Green Fantasy Fx make up . Mehrondeveloped a custom color Paradise Makeup AQ water activated makeup for Shrek to wear in his Broadway debut along with Mehron Mask Cover. Fantasy F-X™ Makeup is Mehron's highly pigmented makeup in a squeezable tube for Shrek Fans to use. Mehron has been producing Makeup for Broadway Performers since 1927 and is proud to have their custom colored Paradise Makeup AQ on the leading character of this exciting new musical.

Mehron was able to blend the exact color for Shrek because they are experts in Professional Performance Makeup formulation. Fantasy F-X™ Makeup is available to everyone even if you are a not a Broadway Performer.
There are currently over 25 colors in the Fantasy F-X™ MakeupCollection, for Face Painting and Body Body Painting.

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