Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Imats Blog

In one word, IMATs was amazing. so amazing its taken me nearly two weeks to write my imats blog.

We arrived on the friday and set up the wolfe fx stand, it looked amazing so bright and colorful. The wolfe colours looked amazing.
Saturday the 29th January was a early start and very soon the show was mega busy, we met some amazing people and had such a great time. On the sunday the gorgeous and very lovely joanndeliah came and lent a hand on the stand which was great to have a extra pair of hands. There were so many exhibitors from Kryolan and Graftobianto illusion ,it was so busy i did not get much time to leave the stand, but I did manage to get some a lovely new make up mirror in a flight case. In one word, IMATs was amazing
. I didn't get any many pictures at all (boo!) but I'm sure you have seen many pictures on other blogs.

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